A lifelong programmer.

Java for food, Python for fun

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# This was written in YAML (YAML Ain't Markup Language)
# http://yaml.org/
name:            Haisheng HU
date_of_birth:   August 1978
email:           huhaisheng <at> gmail <dot> com
lives_in:        Beijing, China
interested_in:   ["Agile software development", "AI", "Airport", "Air 
                 traffic control", "Albert Einstein", "American TV series",
                 "Andrea Bocelli", "Art film", "Cantonese", "CRI",
                 "Cui Jian", "Cultural revolution", "Django", "Douban",
                 "Forrest Gump", "Fried leek dumpling", "FSX", "Geek",
                 "Geography", "German", "GNU", "Google", "Google Earth",
                 "Kindle", "Korean language", "Korean cuisine", "Latex",
                 "Linux", "Mathematical logic", "Map", "Niulanshan",
                 "Physics", "Project management", "Python", "Quora",
                 "Rubic's cube", "Seattle", "Second hand rose", "Silence",
                 "Social software", "Stephen Hawking", "Tangshan dialect",
                 "The Ordinary World", "Trivia", "Wang Xiaobo", "Wikipedia",
uninterested_in: ["Abuse of words", "Flash", "Food made of insects",
                 "Hollywood movie", "KTV", "Politics",  "Sports other than 
                 chess", "Stock"]